Management tips for retaining staff

We have searched for some tips on retaining staff by keeping them happy and content. Communicating with your employees on a regular basis is vital to understand how they feel and what you can do to improve their work life.

1. Ask your employees for suggestions.
Speaking to your team and asking for their opinion on topics will empower them and increase their sense of value. When appropriate, a positive email, a thank you or even a coffee shows your appreciation and will go a long way.

2. Support your employee’s interest in advancement.
If you can’t make promotions available, look for ways to support learning and growth through mentorship, training, cross-team participation and special projects.

3. Understand your team and how they work.
Sometimes people leave because they’re frustrated with certain processes. Understand what makes your team members tick. Explore your employees’ motivations.

4. Offer flexibility.
Flex time and working from home can help employees with children, elderly parents, long commutes, ill partners or even special hobbies and activities.

5. Arrange one to one meetings.
Provide the opportunity for staff to discuss how they feel. Giving employees the opportunity to express themselves one on one will get an honest answer on how the workplace is functioning. It will give you an understanding how that person feels and allows you to introduce change.