Results from our Valentine campaign

Top comments:

If you have flexible working hours – one can take care of personal development. It is getting costlier to live these days, so I won’t mind the money part, but surely, ‘New Challenges’ is the key to keeping things exciting at work!

I love my job! I work in a driven environment where I’m constantly challenged and able to do new things. My colleagues and customers make my day, every day. (extra £££ would be nice though!)

If i got a proper biscuit with my cuppa, not just any biscuit, an M&S biscuit!
More responsibility, and greater freedom to be innovative in my approach to my work :-)

Having the satisfaction of doing some thing with my life, and providing a decent and stable life for my family.

Being able to work for something you believe in makes all the difference. I learned that lesson the hard way money doesn’t buy happiness. That’s why I am very thankful to have the job that I do now!

From my experience, job satisfaction is tied directly to how valued an employee feels. If you feel you are making a contribution and you are valued by the organization, you will typically have job satisfaction. Money, power, titles and all the other things we believe will make us love our job are all a mirage. None of that will matter if you feel you are not valued.

Free lunches (and cakes and biscuits) and finishing early on a Friday!