How to nail your next interview

Now that you have read our how to prepare for an interview article, you need to think how to present yourself to a future employer in the best way!

We have put together a list of useful tips that will create a very positive impression of you.


Make sure your mobile phone is turned off. There is nothing worse than a mobile phone interrupting you when you’re trying to impress your future boss.


First impressions count, so it’s important you are polite and friendly to all the people that you meet for the duration of your visit to the business.


Introduce yourself at the offices front desk and tell them who you are there to see.


Knock and enter the interview room. Greet all the people present and give the Interviewer a firm handshake.


Take a seat only after you have been invited to. Sit up straight and avoid slouching or leaning back in your chair.


Answer all questions that are asked of you in a confident and clear way. Be carefully not to panic or rush your answers. Take a minute to think before you start an answer and if you are confused, don’t be afraid to ask for clarity.


Every question that you are asked gives you an opportunity to impress. Use practical examples from your past work history that are relevant to the job vacancy. Only select examples that highlight your best skills and abilities.


After asking your well prepared questions, thank the interviewees for taking the time to meet you, ask them when they will be making a decision and when you can expect to hear from them.



Don’t lie about your past or experiences. Employers will question you intensely while studying your body language. Lies have a habit of catching up with you and will ruin your integrity and future employability.


Don’t be negative about your previous employers or work colleagues. This is not a good trait and is very unprofessional. It creates a bad impression of you as a team player.