Creativity Boosts Success

Leeds recruitment agency, ‘The Works Recruitment’, boosted vacancy applicants by 83% through turning around the boring image of agencies and injecting some creative flare.

Creativity has been a core element throughout the recession for the rebranding of the Leeds based recruitment agency. Since recruiting a creative individual in the form of marketing and communications graduate Oswin Jackson and redesigning the logo and website for a more modern and refreshing look in September 2010, The Works Recruitment have seen an 83% rise in vacancy applicants and a 44% increase in people visiting their website.

Recent research from the Manchester Business School showed that creativity was fast becoming a key attribute for high performing companies, claiming that “creativity feeds directly into the profit level of an organisation”. It goes on to state that by encouraging creativity into the team they will become “more efficient, better at problem solving, won’t waste time and often give better service”.

Craig Burton, Managing Director for ‘The Works Recruitment’ said “Recruitment companies in the main are just plain boring, we’ve always tried to be honestly different but this last twelve months we’ve turned the whole thing upside down. From reading clubs to creative drawing and writing; video interviews with candidates to bringing the dog to work, we have created the most amazing atmosphere for what is usually seen as a dull aggressive business. People leave ‘toxic’ bosses but stay for their mates.”

Creativity doesn’t mean easy work though, Craig goes on to say “Don’t confuse this with not taking work seriously, we earn the right to ‘play’”. According to this latest research it’s clear to see that creativity will not result in laziness in the office but instead boost the vibrancy and energy.