Eco-council Kids get new Eco-bins

Children at Parkfield’s Primary love recycling with new Eco bins

Yorkshire based company The Works Recruitment has teamed up with Wybone to encourage children at Parkfield Primary School, Middleton to recycle more.

Wybone‘s in Barnsley manufacture litter and recycling bins and have provided colourful Box Cycle Bins for every classroom in the school.

Pupils will use the bins to recycle waste paper. The idea came from the school’s eco council, which is run by a group of children who are trying to take a greener approach to learning.

Megan aged 10 says: ‘I really like the new recycle bins. We can put all our paper in them and the council take the paper to get recycled… The bins are colourful and better than the cardboard boxes that we used to have.’
When The Works got in contact with Wybones, the family run business was delighted to get involved.

Director Daniel Calvert says:

“The Works Recruitment have been working with Wybone’s for some time now and we admire how they do business. I heard about the schools Eco-council from my daughter who attends Parkfield. It is great that the school encourages the children to think about the environment and I knew Wybone’s would want to get involved. “

Jane Steele is the extended schools co-ordinator, she thinks the partnership between Wybone and Parkfield is excellent:

“The relationship between us and Wybone is something we hope can continue in the future. The Box Cycle is a brilliant way for our pupils to see what they’re throwing away and how to prevent cross contamination. This gives us a great excuse to talk about recycling and how it benefits us and the planet.”

“Thank you Wybone for helping make our school greener” Joshua aged 7.

Note to Editor: Pictures of the children using the bins are available on request.