How to ace your psychometric test

Psychometric tests are fast becoming the norm for recruiters and employers that are interviewing and assessing jobseekers.

The tests involve a series of questions that are aimed at finding out more about you as a person, your personality and your ability for the job available.

Preparing for a psychometric test before an interview is recommended as it will help you identity where your weaknesses are and how you can overturn them. Doing well in the test can be the difference between getting a new job and getting nothing.

The test is not meant to discourage but to act as a powerful tool in developing your character and employability.

You can view a number of tests by searching online. Two examples are Peoplemaps and Psychometric Success. Each have a different purpose and provide a variety of tests, assessments, advice and techniques.

What to expect from a psychometric test?

  • A series of questions, sometimes up to 50
  • Answer along the lines of I agree, strongly agree, disagree, strongly disagree
  • Questions that sound similar as the test will determine if you contradict yourself


  • Remain calm
  • Answer honestly
  • Stay positive and confident