How to attract graduates to your manufacturing & engineering jobs

EVERY business wants the best young talent. This week the UK’s teenagers get their exam results.  We’re sure most were glad to see the back of school and studying and are keen to enter the world of work and kick-start their careers. But how do you as an ambitious, dynamic employer attract the best of this year’s crop?

Offer non-salary related benefits

We know that salary is important to graduates when they are applying for roles, but it’s not only what they look for in a job. Research shows that there’s been a huge rise in non-salary benefits such as flexible working, career development opportunities, training on the job and free parking / subsidised gym memberships. What can you offer graduates to your business to stand out from the competition?

Adding value

Young people want to feel as though they make a difference.  Tell them how important their work in your business will be and it will make them sit up and take notice. Remind them that engineering and manufacturing are at the forefront of innovation.  Let them know what interesting and rewarding work they will be getting involved in – and sell them the bigger picture. Tell them how their ideas could make a difference to the lives of your consumers and inspire them to break barriers.

Sell your company culture & team

You can’t underestimate the power of employee testimonials when pitching a role to a graduate – what’s it really like to work there?  Let them hear it straight from the horse’s mouth! Many graduates are afraid of the “unknown” – what’s it like to work there, will the people be nice, will I have a nice working environment? Let graduates meet your team and see what friendly and fun people they are. Gaining insight into a work place is a effective way to ease a fear of the unknown.


Young people are broad minded…but is your employment policy?  If so, tell them.  Amplify the fact that you judge applicants on aptitude and attitude and that regardless of a person’s gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation there is a place for them in your team.

Here at The Works we have been match making companies with talent successfully in the engineering and manufacturing sectors for more than 25 years.   In October we’ll be sponsoring both the Leeds Manufacturing Festival and the Bradford Manufacturing Week to help even more employers find the best talent to grow their business.

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