How to be in love with your work!

Are you happy and motivated in your job? Or like a lot of UK workers, do you wake up each morning with a feeling of dread for the working day ahead? If this describes you, then now could be the time to make a change and start to love your work a little bit more!

Check out these top tips on how to make the most of your day at work to ensure you are feeling a sense of achievement in your role.

  • Start the morning off the right way. Get a good night’s sleep, and make sure you set your alarm for the morning so you are not leaving home stressed or rushed. Prepare some snacks and lunch to take with you – remember that eating a healthy and balanced diet can have huge effects on your concentration and productivity.
  • Create a task list each morning with the most important items first to make you super productive. The experts say that every minute spent in planning saves you 10 minutes in execution. If you keep everything written down as a reminder of what you need to do it will keep you on track. Plus there’s a great sense of achievement in seeing a “to do” list decrease as you tick off the items you have actioned!
  • Take regular breaks and a decent lunch break. You might think you can do without one if you are too busy, but it’s so important to come away from the work station and just clear the head – even if its 10 mins to nip to the loo and make a hot drink! It will give you chance to re-evaluate what you need to focus on and re-energise ready to start again!
  • Plan weekly or monthly targets to give you something meaningful to focus on. What do you want to achieve? What are your main aims for the forthcoming month? Make sure you are working towards them and achieving your goals so that you are getting the best of your time at work. We all love that sense of achievement when goals have been met or targets achieved.
  • Attend training sessions or seminars to help you learn and to benefit you in your role. A lot of work places offer perks like this for free, so take up their offer and develop yourself as much as you can. This can help you improve current skills or learn new knowledge that will give you an advantage in your work. And learning new skills could be just the thing to make you feel happy again, by getting involved in a new project.

And finally, try to focus on the positives. Regardless of what we are doing, there are usually some positive aspects to it. But if all else fails, and you are still not feeling the love at work, you know what to do next! We are currently advertising for jobs in the construction, manufacturing, professional and industrial sectors! Our specialist team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have around recruitment or to find you that perfect new job.