Being thoughtful at work

How would you define “thoughtfulness” as a personality trait? Is it somebody who considers others feelings? Who is kind towards others? Is it somebody who thinks carefully before acting?

Whatever your definition of the word is, do you think it’s an important trait to have whilst at work? Well we do – and here’s why: being thoughtful at work will not only make you feel like a better person, but it will also encourage other people to act in the same way – like a domino effect. A simple act of kindness creates another act of kindness which creates another and another and so on. Here’s how you can apply thoughtfulness into your career and be a better person – it will get you a long way in life!

1. Acknowledge those around you. Just a simple “good morning” with a big smile can brighten somebody’s day. Ask your co-workers how they are and what plans they have for the evening. Show an interest in what they are saying and listen to their response! You may gain a new friend out of it and it will make them feel important too.

2. Consider the needs of others. If you know somebody is struggling at work, or is looking a bit stressed or upset, then offer your help. Being generous and considering other people’s needs will help to create an environment of kindness and trust around you. We should all treat our colleagues as you would like to be treated yourself.

3. Be more self-aware. Try to be conscious of your behaviours and reactions and the impact they have on others. Listen to your gut feeling – if you aren’t sure about saying or doing something without offending then don’t do it. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses will make you a better person to be around.

4. Give compliments. If a colleague does something well, tell them. It will boost their confidence and give them a sense of achievement. Then when you do something well you might get some positive feedback in return. And we all know how nice it is to have compliments – especially for boosting morale and motivation.

5. Finally, bring thoughtfulness into your daily work if you want to impress. Allocate enough time to give every project the attention it deserves. Putting your all into your work will make you stand out and will show your boss you are committed.

So a little effort here and there can make a real difference in gaining the respect that goes with being thoughtful at work. If you need more tips on how to bring thoughtfulness into the workplace, get in touch with our specialist recruitment team. We work very closely with a variety of business sectors and love sharing our expertise with others to help them in their careers.