Friendships at Work

Good friendships are what can really make a workplace stand out and keep you at a particular company for longer. If you work with a good team of people and have good friends at work, it can make being at work more enjoyable and motivate you in your job. It’s always nice to have somebody you can nip to the shop with at lunchtime or share concerns with for some advice.


But before you start becoming BFF’s with everyone in your team, it’s important to remember that work friends come with conditions. Here’s a few points to consider when it comes to friendships at work:

  • Having a good friend at work is not an opportunity to have a good gossip, bitch or mess around. It could have a huge impact on other people’s work, cause disruption in the team and get you into trouble (or even sacked!). Remember to keep the relationship professional and be mindful of oversharing – if the relationship suddenly turned sour you wouldn’t want personal or confidential information about you going into the wrong hands!


  • Think carefully before becoming your boss’s BFF. At the end of the day, your boss is your boss and is in charge of your reviews, workload and more. You can be friendly with your manager or someone who you manage but be careful about how your friendship affects your professional relationship and how it may be perceived by co-workers.


  • You spend so much time at work, so it’s important that you get on with your colleagues. One of the biggest predictors of quitting a job is poor relationships with colleagues. A negative relationship at work can be distracting, de-motivating and can result in giving you anxiety and depression (and not wanting to go to work!). Keep your work relationships fun, friendly and professional – that way conflicts shouldn’t happen.


  • Treat your work colleagues how you wish to be treated yourself. Be supportive, praise their achievements and be a good listener. But most of all be kind and thoughtful – 2 traits that us here at the Works Recruitment think are 2 amazing qualities to have in life – whether its work or home life. So go on – be that amazing friend!

A recent study showed that 3 in 10 people highlighted optimism and enthusiasm as the most important quality in a work mate, according to the One4all Rewards Spotlights Awards in 2016. The study also showed that British workers hugely value having colleagues who can keep everyone’s spirits up, as well as sharing secrets and worries if needed.

So why don’t you try to be a better work colleague and look after your friends. Make somebody smile at work – you might make their day. We all need good friends in life!