6 ways to being more healthy at work

We all know that being healthy has huge benefits to us all – it helps to fight illness, helps us cope with stress, helps us sleep better and can reduce the risk of certain long term illnesses. But did you know that being healthy at work can make you more productive and more motivated?

Man holding hands with a little girl, walking down a country road. "Mental health effects everyone no matter how healthy or young you may be."

We’ve summarised below our top 6 ways on how to be more healthy in the workplace to make sure you are happier and working to your full potential:

1. Make sure you are eating right. This means healthy balanced meals which are filling and packed with nutrients. Remember to take healthy snacks to work too such as fruit, raw vegetables, nuts or yoghurt. And try to avoid the cake trolley or vending machine! Having an unbalanced diet can cause an array of illnesses including high blood pressure and diabetes.

2. Drink plenty of water. The recommended daily amount is at least 4 pints so make sure you have a bottle or glass of water handy at all times. Try to limit the caffeine and opt for herbal teas instead. Did you know that the 3pm lull at work can be due to dehydration and not hunger? Bear that in mind when reaching for the chocolate bar…….

3. Keep active. This is a great way to stay healthy and keep in shape. You could go for a short walk at lunchtime or get off the bus a stop earlier in the morning. Opt for the stairs over the lift and go see somebody in the office rather than emailing or phoning them. You could find yourself a walking partner and set yourself challenges for how far you are going to walk each week! Regular exercise will give you more energy, improves memory and can make you feel more relaxed and positive.

4. Avoid aches, pains and tension by having the right posture at work. If you are sitting, bent over or standing for a long period of time it can really affect your back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet. Ask your work place for back rests, headsets or other items that might help your posture and reduce any injuries or hazards. Your health is important!

5. Take regular breaks. Sometimes just a couple of minutes away from your work station can help you refocus, clear your head and set you back on track. It’s a good way of reducing stress and keeping your mind on the task at hand. Go make yourself a drink or do a quick task that you’ve been meaning to do – you will feel better afterwards.

6. Keep stress at bay. Stress can impair your immune system and increase the risk of illness so it’s important to keep an eye on it. If you feel that you are struggling at work, do something about it – you don’t have to suffer alone. Check out our recent blog on “how to deal with stress and anxiety in the workplace”. Click HERE for our top tips.

Looking after yourself at work will result in a better, happier and more productive you! You will feel more motivated, satisfied and less stressed. You will sleep better, feel better and be able to concentrate more at work.
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is “Surviving or Thriving”. Make sure you are thriving by following the health tips above. If you need more information about mental health at work click HERE.

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