Jump Start Your Career

The New Year is a great time to reflect on your life and what is making you happy and unhappy. Why not start by thinking about your job and career? Is this making you happy and you in a job that you love or do you feel it’s time to move on?

Finding the job of your dreams can be hard, as often people don’t know what that job is. If you think your dream job will fall into your lap, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Passive job-hunting, does not work, you have to actively put yourself out there in the job-hunting world to find your dream job. Serious job hunters now need to be tuned in, switched on and ready to move with the times! Job Seekers must now take a proactive approach!

When searching for a new job, it is important to decide on an industry sector and research, research, research. With fewer jobs and more competition around, it’s imperative that you’re in a strong position and know your market inside and out. Consider the competition and make sure your salary expectations are competitive.  Employers are still getting hundreds of CVs for every job posting they make so job seekers are up against a lot.


Research, Search & Register

So, what can you do? From the view of a Recruitment agency I would advise searching all the various vacancy listings. When you have pinpointed the industry that you want to work in, look at the different types of roles available and see what you are qualified to do. Find a good recruitment agency and register your details and make sure you advise of all the various industries you wish to work in and the type of job function.

Set up new position alerts on all the various jobsites such as indeed, monster etc. so you will be contacted immediately when new vacancies arise.  Also select niche sites. If you are looking for a position in the Engineering Sector, look for relevant specialist sites that focus on this specific industry.  Take one step at a time and keep on top of the search process!

Career Networking

Career Networking has now become the buzzword of this employer driven market and should become a daily part of your search routine. Start at home with your family, friend and relatives and let everyone now that your job searching. Update your social networking platforms to show you are on the look out such as Facebook and LinkedIn, however you may need to be cautious about this as your current employer is likely to find out. A personal social media account is fine but not if this is linked to your company. And remember be aware of what you post! Would you employ the person out until 6.00am with various drunken images?

Yes I may be biased but Recruitment Agencies are a very effective way of finding out about positions before they are even advertised! Choose one or two niche agencies dealing in your sector, meet up to discuss your objectives, salary expectations etc. Liaise with the consultant on a weekly basis and use their knowledge to ensure you get some extra tips before attending interviews. We want you to get the job and love pro-active candidates who utilise our experience and industry knowledge!

Job Searching can be tiring, stressful and de-motivating, however, done right it can also be a huge developing experience where you learn a lot about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.  So, stay focused and don’t forget we are always here to help!