What if I don’t have the right skills for a job?

Not all jobs require a strict set of skills. And you certainly shouldn’t let your skills put you off applying for a job. Nowadays, many employers will consider transferable skills – skills that you are probably using day in, day out without even realising! These skills are really crucial to your job search as they are key skills that you can apply to any situation. So how do you use your transferable skills to nail that job application?

Well firstly, you need to identify exactly what your transferable skills are. These can be a number of things – team work, leadership, budgeting, problem solving, communication, research, organising, managing or delegating. Look at the role you are applying for and try to pull out your most relevant skills to match that job specification. So for example, if you are apply for a role which requires creativity, think of the most creative moments in your working history. We’re sure you can think of a few at least! You don’t have to limit yourself to workplace examples either – you may have been involved in a community project or done a charity event – it can be anything which you feel will add to the role!

Next you need to demonstrate your passion or commitment for the role on offer by using these transferable skills as examples. There’s a lot to be said for a passionate and motivated candidate – it’s traits that we are all looking out for as recruiters. Remember that skills can be taught, but if you have something special like a willingness to learn or a passion to succeed, then it will stand out to the interviewer. And business owners love a versatile candidate – they want people who have a variety of skills and can take on multiple tasks if required. When you have skills that apply to a wide variety of things, employers will take note. So shout them from the rooftops!

Finally you need to communicate your offering and sell yourself to the interviewer. The most successful people in life find solutions to problems, so show that you can be that person. Don’t dwell on the fact that you might not have all the skills required, instead push all the amazing skills you do have and what you can bring to the role! Chances are they will be sold on YOU and your personality, that’s much more important than a set of skills in our eyes. Attitude is everything – so if you have the right one it can take you a long way in your desired career!

So remember, transferable skills are essential to landing your next exciting job. Luckily, you are constantly developing new skills throughout your life and your professional experiences. So it’s your job to identify these transferable skills and turn them into your unique selling point….and nail that interview!

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