What not to do at work!

Of course you can have a bit of banter in the office, but be careful not to cross the line. If you want to be good at your job and let others know you are motivated and focussed then you need to act in a professional way at all times.

To help you remain professional at work and keep on the right side of your colleagues and bosses, here’s our handy list of what NOT to do in the workplace:-

  1. Don’t be rude on the phone. Remember when you are on the phone you are representing your company externally. The wrong attitude could get you into trouble or even lose your company an important client. If you are dealing with a difficult customer, remain as calm and professional as possible and try to get the problem solved rationally. If this isn’t happening then ask your boss to step in.
  2. Don’t send unprofessional emails. Remember if anything is in writing it can be copied or forwarded to your boss or a client even! Never assume that emails are private as they aren’t. If you want a private conversation with somebody do it offline and away from the office!
  3. Don’t gossip. This includes sharing sensitive or confidential information and backstabbing. Respect others feelings and remember if you are told something in confidence it MUST remain that way. The work environment thrives on trust, and once you lose it, it’s virtually impossible to regain it.
  4. Don’t spend time on social media and website browsing! Okay, so Next have a Summer Sale….save it for home time! Make sure your phone is on silent at all times and keep personal calls to an absolute minimum. If you need to take an urgent call go somewhere private so that you don’t disturb your co-workers!
  5. Don’t lie. It’s always better to tell the truth, even if you have messed up, your boss will appreciate the honesty. Little white lies are the worst….before you know it you’ve forgotten what you told who and you’ve been caught out!
  6. Don’t disrupt people from their work or interrupt others. It can make you look really rude! Respect the space of your co-workers and send an email or wait until they look like they can chat before you head over to them.
  7. Finally, don’t make your personal life the office focus. Not everybody wants to hear about your private life day in, day out. It can get boring and tiresome. Some things are best left private, after all your work colleagues are not always your closest friends, so do they really need to know every single thing about you!

The manner in which you conduct yourself at work, and the relationships you make in the workplace, should always remain professional. Think before you speak/act and try to put others feelings first. Nobody likes a rude, unprofessional, lying, interrupting gossiper!!

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