Why Employee Engagement Matters!

Employee engagement is talked about a lot at the moment. We know that employees who are engaged at work will go above and beyond the call of duty – engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave. If you have employees who are emotionally committed to your business and its goals you are going to do well!

But have you ever thought what your employees actually want to help them engage more in their roles? It will probably be different to what you expect!

  1. They want skills. Provide avenues for career growth and provide ongoing coaching, mentoring and training. Lead by example and show them how it’s done by the experts! This will make employees feel inspired, supported, confident, motivated and excited.
  2. They want to know whats going on. Involve them in meetings, keep them up to date with projects and business news and share with them the company’s objectives and strategies. If there’s a message you want to get out to your clients then your employees could be the perfect way to do it, but they can’t do this if they don’t know whats going on! By sharing plans and celebrating achievements together, the whole organisation can get excited and individuals will feel like they are part of the bigger picture.
  3. They want to be recognised. It’s really important to recognise key achievements amongst your colleagues. A simple well done or thank you will provide a lot of encouragement and reassurance and boost confidence. If they are doing a good job let them know – appreciate them and show that you care! It could be the most cost-effective way to boost employee motivation and productivity.
  4. They want a voice. Involve them in projects, ask their opinions on decisions you have to make, and listen to them. They probably have some really good advice; after all they are doing the job day in, day out! Get to really know your team and help them feel heard and valued and they will naturally want to be more involved.
  5. Their well-being and work life balance is more important to them than you might think! If you can support your team with their work-life balance and wellness needs then you are improving their quality of life – which in turn will boost productivity for you. Consider flexi-time, working from home, part time working or job shares. Organise fun runs or exercise groups to help beat any stress or anxiety….promote healthy eating with a fruit bowl rather than biscuits….It all counts.

It’s about giving your colleagues a real sense of purpose and giving them the power to solve problems and come up with new ideas. Talk to them, share feedback with them and help them improve. If they feel knowledgeable and empowered they will be motivated to do the best job they possibly can. Encourage them to take pride in their work and the positive results will speak for themselves.