How to keep healthy at work

It is said that “health is wealth” and we have to agree! It’s so important to keep healthy and fit for a good quality of life. We are at work such a large amount of our time, so it’s essential that we are looking after our health there too. Here’s some ideas for you to consider:

  1. Eat sensibly. Preparation is key so make sure you have a good, filling breakfast and prepare your lunch and snacks to take with you (or dinner if you work nights!). Try to stick to a healthy balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Evidence shows that eating well can improve concentration and make you more productive at work!
  2. Keep hydrated. Try to limit the amount of caffeine you are drinking to a couple of cups a day. Drink plenty of water to avoid feeling sluggish in the afternoon. The recommended daily amount is 6-8 large glasses so it’s a good idea to keep a bottle or glass on your desk to remind you to keep drinking.
  3. Take regular breaks from your work station. You may think that taking a break will waste your time, but taking a break can actually be productive. It will help to increase your creativity and help you be more energised at work.
  4. Keep your work station clean and be hygienic. Keep hand sanitizer near your work station to keep germ free, and tidy up your work space before you go home – it’s always a nice feeling coming in the next day to a tidy work space!
  5. Keep active. Take the stairs over the lift, get off the bus a stop early, cycle or run to work or go for a walk on your lunch break. These are all ways of re-juvinating and getting some much needed exercise (especially if you have an office job and are sat down all day!) You will feel better for it and it will give you more motivation at work.
  6. And finally, and this is a big one, learn how to manage stress. Juggling several roles and responsibilities on a daily basis can leave us exhausted and lead to anxiety and depression. All of the above points will help greatly with this, but make sure if you do feel any signs that you talk to your family and friends about it. Mindfulness is also a really effective technique – check it out!

So by taking care of yourself and achieving a healthy balance whilst you are at work, it will benefit you out of work too! There will be a lot of benefits to earn in terms of mental and physical well-being and it will have a really positive effect on you. Start today….. you’ll certainly feel better for it!