Millennials: the next generation of skilled professionals

Companies are now starting to realise the need for millennials in their workplace- since 31% of all current employees will qualify for retirement at some point this year (revealed in a case study by the US Government Accountability Office). So, with the increase of new candidates now belonging to the millennial generation, it’s crucial that we reach out to this market in unique and creative ways.

So how can you target and attract millennials into your workplace?

  • Be technology savvy. Keep your technology up to date – after all these candidates have been raised on the modern types of technology! They don’t want out of date systems and policies – they are creative and innovative.
  • Be visible on social media. It’s where they all hang out. And make sure you do your homework – find out what platforms your target market are visiting – is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat or somewhere else?
  • Offer flexible working hours. Many candidates today are looking for a decent work-life balance, it’s not all about the money anymore! Can they work from home? How about part time hours if they are still studying? It’s worth considering to get the right talent into your business.
  • Offer mentoring for the younger or less skilled members of staff to help them develop their management and communication skills. It also makes your employees feel supported and will motivate them and increase productivity levels.
  • Provide opportunities to develop and grow. Show the candidates how they can progress within your company and access training to support their career. Millennials like to be able to see where they can aim for and what kind of things they can achieve.

So to inspire and attract the next generation of skilled professionals to your workplace, give young adults the infrastructure and career opportunities that they need to achieve success. Offer purpose and meaning and look after your employees. Be different and stand out from the crowd!