Encouraging motivation in the workplace

Motivation is one of the main driving factors that leads people to work harder, meaning more productivity for your business. We can all feel a bit deflated and unmotivated after the festive break, and January is one of the most popular times for employees to start looking for a new job. But if you treat your staff the right way, you won’t need to worry. We’ve highlighted below our top 5 tips for encouraging motivation and employee loyalty in the workplace:-

1. Connect with your staff and understand them. What are their goals and aspirations? Do they want to develop and progress in their careers? Take a personal interest in their lives and what they enjoy doing. Each of your members of staff is different and you can’t expect them all to work the same way – they will have their individual styles. But if you can understand them on a personal basis it will help you in your business planning to ensure they are happy and fulfilled at work.

2. Be a leader that your staff will want to look up to. To be a good leader you will need to be supportive, provide security, listen to your staff and encourage them in their roles. You need to build a relationship of trust so that in turn they will be more motivated to achieve. If you have a positive and optimistic outlook at work, then it will set an example for your employees to do the same. This will have an effect on the entire culture and your employees will naturally become more motivated at work.

3. Develop goals and objectives for both the individual and the team they work in. Make sure these goals are achievable and that your staff are supported whilst they are working towards them. Consider offering new training or education opportunities for your staff if they aspire to grow in their careers and progress in your business.

4. Provide regular and honest feedback. Celebrate success and identify opportunities for improvement and growth. Recognise good pieces of work and praise accordingly to help the staff member feel appreciated. If you feel a member of staff is under performing or struggling at work, offer personal coaching or ask a mentor to step in. This will help to develop them and can distinguish any negative feelings.

5. Be flexible. Remember that your staff also have commitments outside of work and if they need to attend a school meeting or be at an appointment make sure you have a system in place to support them. If you are flexible with them then they will be flexible with you – so if you need them to come in early for a team meeting one morning, then you have more chance of getting them on board.

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