How to switch off after work!

Are you struggling to switch off at home on an evening and weekend? Are you taking your work problems home with you and is it affecting your family / social life? Surveys have found that up to 70% of UK employees find it difficult to unwind after work, and worry about their job outside working hours. And this can be counter productive and may increase health risks.

So take action now, and check out our top tips on how to properly switch off when you leave work!

  1. Try not to take work home with you. Easier said than done…..don’t we know it! But honestly, you’ll never switch off properly and unwind if you are taking work home, checking emails at home or on social media for work purposes! It’s really important to have winding down time so that you are all refreshed and ready to go the next day!
  2. Learn to say no! If your boss asks you to stay late or come in early, don’t be afraid to say no once in a while. You might feel like you’re letting somebody down, but if you have other commitments then they should understand. There is life away from work remember!
  3. Get a hobby which you enjoy. Research suggests active activities involving some mental engagement work better as distractions than passive ones. Exercise is a great stress relief, just a simple walk is all it takes to clear the head and help you forget about the worries of work. Join a club or take up a new hobby, it will ensure you properly switch off and concentrate on something else.
  4. Engage in something relaxing. A hot bath with candles, a herbal tea, some nice soothing music, meditation/yoga, or reading a good book can really help you to unwind and settle down for the evening. It’s an excellent way to gain control over your mind and thoughts. Try to stay off social media or mobile devices an hour before bedtime…..they stimulate your mind and you will find you sleep better if you follow this rule.
  5. Spend time with family and friends. Try to leave work on time and be completely available to your family for some quality time. Have a giggle and a good gossip and really try to let your hair down and forget about work. It’ll really do you the world of good!

We know it’s not possible to stick to these rules every day – there will be times when you need to work late or take work home to meet targets and deadlines. However, there are health and well-being consequences to not switching off from work. Sleep problems, mood disorders and anxiety to name a few. It will also affect your productivity at work – you will make more errors and not be as motivated if you are tired and over-worked. So try to follow these rules and spend your evenings and weekends doing things you love with the people you love being around.