How to create an eye-catching CV!

Are you struggling to get that dream job? Does your CV need a bit of TLC? CV’s must be up to date, relevant and interesting….you want to catch the eye of the recruiter not end up in the waste paper basket! Check out these 10 CV buzzwords to describe yourself and boost your chances of getting that all important job interview!

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• Creative. This can also mean artistic, productive or inspired. It shows the recruiter that you can use your imagination and come up with new ideas.

• Experienced. This tells the reader that you’ve got what it takes. You know your stuff, you’ve got the medals. Only use this word if you can prove that you have been doing the role for a length of time!

• Flexible. Interviewers love this word. It shows that you are reliable and willing to make it work. This is a really good trait to have so try to use it to show the interviewer that you will be a great candidate to work with.

• Hardworking. This can also mean dedicated, practical and accomplished. It’s one of the best words to use on your CV we reckon. Who wouldn’t want a hardworking individual in their business?!

• Honest. This is a good word to use if you want to relate to the recruiter on a personal level and start to develop a good working relationship. Honesty is always the best policy as they say!

• Imaginative. This can also mean creative, inventive, clever and ingenious. Do you have evidence of thinking outside the box or did you come up with an idea that really paid off at work? Shout it from the rooftops if you did!

• Innovative. This means that you can bring new and fresh ideas to the table. It also means you are contemporary and cutting edge. It shows that you can be experimental and willing to try new and different things.

• Motivated. A great word to use on your CV we believe. A motivated candidate is a productive one, and one that is going to deliver results. What’s not to like about this word!

• Organised. This is a good word to use if you want to show your interviewer that you have good time management skills or are good at prioritising your workload and meeting deadlines.

• Reliable. Another great word to show your potential future boss that you will be an asset to their team. It shows that you are honest and hard-working. It also shows that you are determined and loyal.

It’s really easy to just put these words on your CV for the sake of it, but words alone mean nothing. Don’t just say them, mean them, and prove you can deliver them. Also make sure they are relevant to the role you are applying for! Relate to them in your interview, and through your cover letter, and give examples of when you have delivered them in your previous work experience.

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