The Introverted Leader – Building on Your Quiet Strength

If you have ever felt that only loud people get promoted into management roles, then Jennifer B. Kahnweiler has news for you!

Jennifer Kahnweiler, an extrovert, was perplexed as to why her husband (a self-proclaimed introvert) seemed to have broken that stereotype and become a successful manager.

Following a ten-year investigation, involving interviews and case study analysis into the differing levels of success introverts and extroverts achieve as managers, she has created a well-informed manual of strategies, examples, and self-assessments to enable introverts to become successful managers.

The Introverted Leader is not just about helping people to realise their potential as managers, it will also help people with high levels of technical skills and people who believe that they are being overshadowed at work because of their protected characteristics to make their voices heard in a constructive way.

In the free getAbstract book summary of The Introverted Leader – Building on Your Quiet Strength – which is available from Work Place Learning Centre, you will learn:-

•             How introverts and extroverts differ,

•             What six challenges introverts face, and

•             How to apply the “4Ps Process” to parlay your “quiet strengths” into “introverted leadership.”

Download your free getAbstract summary from Work Place Learning Centre at this link below:-

Thanks to Michael Millward for producing this Abstract.