Earn while you learn

As results day looms and tensions rise, for many young people judgement day approaches.  This can be a stressful time where important decisions must be made.

Although record numbers of young people go on to higher education, university is not for everyone and isn’t the only route into an established career.  That’s why The Works point young people towards reputable businesses that offer apprenticeship schemes.

Stop by our Canalside office or give our friendly team a ring and we could help you identify the sectors suitable to you and discuss the specialist apprenticeship opportunities available.

An apprenticeship could be a fast track to a high flying career and is a great opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in a chosen field whilst working towards a qualification.

Apprenticeships enable young people to earn while they learn, helping them to juggle multiple responsibilities and build a respectable CV.  Some employers prefer apprenticeships over higher education due to their practical approach and ‘can do’ attitude they involve.

We have been helping people find their career pathway since 1991 and have an excellent reputation across Yorkshire.  Let us link you to your future and call our friendly team today: +44 (0) 333 3449 444