Employee benefits to attract talent

According to a 2016 survey of UK workers, around 60% of people interviewed reported that “employee benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether or not to accept a job offer.” Offering the right employee package is of utmost importance in today’s modern world, especially if you are looking to attract millennials to your workplace. It is suggested that innovation will lead the way in 2018 so it’s crucial that you are keeping up with the competition if you want to attract the best candidates to your roles.

But if budget is your concern, fear not! Many benefits can be offered which are still attractive yet won’t break the bank.

  • The employer brand is more important than ever for attracting the right candidates to your business. This is all about having the right company culture and a unique personal style which stands you out from everybody else. Your business should have clear direction and creativity. You should shout it from the rooftops that you engage with your staff and you recognise and praise them. Candidates love being heard, it makes them happy and feel rewarded.
  • Flexibility is key and a massive want from the modern candidate. Many people value flexible hours and work-life balance above salary and health insurance in a potential job, according to a recent survey in the UK. Times have changed and many candidates don’t want a regular 9-5 job with no flexibility. Many people want to be able to work from home or have access to flexible hours – so think about whether this is something you could offer.
  • Which nicely leads onto staff well-being! A happy employeeis a motivated, loyal and productive one. It’s much easier for workers to get out of bed before sunrise knowing that they are cared for and appreciated by their employer. What can you do for your staff to keep them motivated, productive and engaged? It’s so important to get the balance right otherwise you are going to have your staff on long term sick before you know it! That’s why ensuring employee satisfaction is essential to a company’s overall success.
  • Have you considered staff development and training? Why would somebody want to work for your business? What can you offer potential staff to entice them away from the competition? You need to think about what you can offer to help candidates grow and develop both personally and at work. Whether this is some training, mentoring or extra responsibility, candidates are more likely to be tempted by employee benefits like this over a pay package. They want to feel as though they will be able to grow in your company and move up the career ladder.

With employment rates in the UK at the highest since the mid-1970s, we are operating within a candidate-led market – which means that your benefits need to stand out. We’re sure you’ll agree that the search for quality, skilled and relevant candidates is more important than ever. GET IN TOUCH if you’d like more advice about this topic, or if you have a vacancy you need help filling!