Hiring for attitude in 5 easy steps!

What we think makes us different is the fact that we pride ourselves on our ethos “hire for attitude and train for skills”. There is evidence to show that the best way to reinforce your company culture is to recruit for characteristics that align with your company brand.

Many big brands nowadays look for candidates that have an upbeat personality or possess a keen ability to learn new things. And they believe that their workforce is a happier, more engaged and more productive one. We’ve all had outstanding customer service at some point in our lives, and what happens when we do? We go back! Whether it’s a sales assistant in a clothing store or a waiter in a restaurant, certain types of personality attract us to want to visit there again. Imagine how your customers would feel if your staff had the same effect!

Asian women sharing their fishing catch. Caption "Skills can be taught, unlike attitude"

So how can you hire for attitude?

1. Make sure you are clear from the start on exactly what kind of qualities and personalities you are looking for. If it’s a customer facing role you probably want somebody who is confident, happy and chatty? And be realistic about your expectations. You are not looking for a super hero……that doesn’t exist!

2. Look for the key signs. The way a candidate presents themselves in their CV or the way they answer an interview question can be a good way of testing personality. Use questions that let you see how a candidate would react in certain situations – how they deal with conflict or how they achieved their greatest success.

3. Don’t wait for the right types of people to come to you. If you see somebody who clearly has the qualities you want in your team, approach them! If you are proactive and spot a potential new recruit then let them know you want them to work for you. They might say yes!

4. Look for body language. How do they present themselves in the interview? Are they fiddling with their hair and looking nervous? Do they make you laugh and speak to you openly and confidently? The way a person holds themselves can show a lot about their personality and what they might be like to work with.

5. Use your instincts. How did you feel when the candidate walked into the interview room? Did you feel as though you connected with them on a personal level? If they left you wanting more, chances are they will have the same effect on your clients!

So we recommend that you don’t just hire for skill, you hire for attitude if you want to ensure a good fit into your company culture. If you have the right types of personality in your business it will give you a competitive advantage and make you stand out in the market. Believe us, it will really make a difference. We’ve been hiring for attitude for many years now and are happy to answer any questions you may have!