How to nail that job interview!

Your next interview doesn’t have to be scary……as long as you plan, plan, and plan some more! An interesting fact to know is that interviewers usually make their mind up about you in the first few minutes of you walking into the room, and most businesses recruit on personality rather than skills! So it’s really important to make the correct impression right from the start!

Here’s some of the most common job interview mistakes which you need to avoid:-

1. Arriving late. Just don’t do it. It doesn’t look good and it won’t start you off in a good light. Plan your journey properly and give yourself plenty of time to get there. Don’t forget to factor in rush hour traffic!

2. Not being appropriately dressed. Make sure you look smart and are well groomed. This means polished shoes, brushed hair, clean nails, fresh breath, the list goes on! It lets the interviewer know that you care about the interview and about the way you look.

3. The wrong body language. This includes slumped shoulders, lack of eye contact, yawning and fidgeting. Remember to sit straight, smile and show enthusiasm when you are answering the questions – show the interviewer that you want that job!

4. Talking too much about yourself. Nobody likes a show off, especially in an interview as it can put a recruiter off! Don’t talk about how the role will benefit you or your career, instead focus on how you could be an asset to the business and make them feel they need you in their team.

5. Not being prepared. Make sure you’ve done your homework. Research the company, find out exactly what they are looking for, and line up your skills and experience to their requirements. Think of examples when you have shone in your previous roles or achievements you have gained that you can mention.

6. Not asking questions. Asking questions about the job and the company shows the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in working there and care about the role. Show that you are curious – interviewers love it!

7. Forgetting to follow up. It’s essential that you follow up after an interview. Even just a simple thank you for their time email always goes down well. Don’t give them an opportunity to forget about you – keep in their minds. It might help when they are deciding who they want for the role!

So if you follow the rules, success could be just around the corner…..and that dream job! If you need any further help or advice please get in touch with our Leeds recruitment team – our door is always open and we are always happy to help!