The worst interview questions you could ask!

It’s normal procedure for an employer to ask the candidate questions at the end of the interview. They do this for a couple of reasons – firstly to cover off any queries you might have, but more importantly to find out a bit more about what kind of person you are. It’s a good indication of your personality type and what you might be like to work with, so there are some questions that should be avoided at all costs!

  • “What does your company do again?” Really? If you are asking this question then we really need to talk! Preparation is key for an interview and one of THE most important things you need to research before the big day is what the company do, who they are and why you want to work there! It’s a no brainer really.
  • “What’s the salary for this role?” or “When will I get a pay rise?” If you are asking questions about money too early in the interview process it will make the interviewer think that’s all you’re bothered about. And if it is all you’re bothered about, still don’t ask it! The interviewer is going to want to know you are committed, you really want the job, and you are going to hang around for a long time.
  • “Am I expected to work long hours?” This will just make them think you aren’t committed. No job is ever straight forward – there will always be times when employees might have to stay late or come in early for certain projects or events. If you think this role might mean regular long hours, and that is not something you can commit to, then maybe this isn’t the right role for you?
  • “Do you do background or social media checks?” This will make the interviewer think you might have something to hide! It’s a total given that most employers will view the social media accounts of the candidates they are about to interview, but they’ve probably already done this by the time you get into that interview room! So please remember to keep social media accounts either private or professional.
  • “Can I work from home?” This is a valid question, but negotiations about the role shouldn’t really be done until you have been offered the job. Most job applications will indicate if the role is flexible and will allow working from home, so if it doesn’t then it might need to be discussed once you know you’ve bagged the job!
  • “Did I get the job?” Do we really need to comment…………!! Just don’t go there! You’ll end up looking big headed and very unprofessional.

Remember that the sole purpose of the interview is to determine if you are a good fit for the role and if you feel that you are going to enjoy working for this company. The types of questions you ask can reveal a lot about your communication skills, your personality, your commitment and your confidence. You don’t want to leave the interviewer with a bad impression of you so leave any niggles or concerns for negotiation after the job offer has been made. Remember the interview is your biggest chance to show you are professional, motivated and a team player.

If you need any more help with your interview questions, or how to conduct yourself in the interview room, please GET IN TOUCH. Our specialist team of recruitment consultants are always on hand to answer your questions!