Key traits to win over a recruiter

Research clearly shows that the vast majority of employers nowadays are looking for a “cultural fit” over skills in their hiring process. Skills can be taught and learned, but changing your entire attitude or personality is very hard! Employers want to know that the candidates they choose for their roles will get on with the rest of the team and share the same values.

We’ve talked about the importance of having the right attitude in business before, so these are some of the personality types businesses are looking for right now:

  • Confidence
  • Professionalism
  • High energy

According to data, these are the top 3 traits that employers are looking for in new hires. And businesses believe that they can tell if a candidate has these traits within the first couple of minutes of meeting them!

So can you see how important it is to walk into the interview the right way, shake somebody’s hand firmly and dress professionally? Can you also see how important it is to be polite during an interview, keep eye contact with the interviewer and show enthusiasm and passion? It’s really important that you are showing this side of your personality if you want to nail that all important interview.

A personality trait that wasn’t mentioned, and which we think is really important, is “curiosity”. We think it’s important for candidates to really want to learn and develop in their new role. It’s important to show a recruiter that you have a passion to succeed and an excitement for achieving. We believe that this is a great quality to have, and it can really help to win over a recruiter if they think you are planning on being around for a long time!

There’s also a couple of really important skills that we wanted to mention, as it’s something we find a lot of our clients asking about at the moment:

  • Problem solving
  • Team work
  • Communication

Employers want people who can use creativity, reasoning and past experiences to identify and solve problems effectively. They want somebody who communicates well with others and gets involved in team projects. They are looking for a candidate who will fit in with the rest of the team and who doesn’t mind rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in.

So how can you display examples of these key skills to a potential new employer? Try to use examples of past work experiences where you might have solved a problem or worked as a team. Do you volunteer to help others or have hobbies outside of work that use any of these key skills? Can you get a testimonial from a previous employer who can vouch for you having these skills? It might just catch the eye of the recruiter and give you a better chance of landing your dream role!

So, update your CV to include some of these key traits and really think about how you can talk about them in the interview. If you need any further help or advice, please just give us a call. We are here to help and support you in your job searches! Call the office on 0113 320 1130 and speak to one of our consultants today!