Managing Upwards

Ever had a boss who just wasn’t very good? Someone who shouldn’t have been employed let alone promoted to be a manager. You’re very lucky if you can have an entire career without at lease one boss like that.

They can make your life hell, or you can learn to manage them and equip yourself for your next career move at the same time. It’s time to flip your thinking and to make the situation work for you!

In Fear – Trump in the White House, famed journalist Bob Woodward, describes how even the most senior and closest of Donald Trump’s advisers manage him and prevent him from making decisions.

The President is renowned for his capricious impulses and approach to decision making, so top advisers adopt a strategy to managing him that reduces the risks of him damaging the long- term interests of the country.

Key to successful upwards management is understanding what makes the manager think and act as they do.

In the getAbstract book summary of   Fear – Trump in the White House you will learn from the experience of these White House aids

•             How to stop managers making rash decisions;

•             How to deal with the negative ways in which you and your colleagues are treated by your manager, and

•             Why bad managers are appointed despite their shortcomings.

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